We will be facing a new reality after the Corona pandemic

My look on the state & future of global foodservice industry due to the global Covid 19 pandemic! (this article was posted in the US in April of 2020)

Dear colleague & fellow on-trade/foodservice “victims” of the Corona virus!

Just like me, I am sure that you have had your focus & attention on “guiding” your business through the immediate impact & consequences of the Corona virus!

But now it might not be a bad time to take a good look at how our “our business world” will look when we come to the other side of the ongoing Corona pandemic, will it be the same as it was or will it/has it changed?

My guess is that it won’t be the same & it has actually already changed!

I strongly believe & I have had that belief confirmed by our partners, from all around the world, that the focus of most of our customers/clients & their customers or guests will change & the new “buzz words” of tomorrow, will be responsibility, social & environmental awareness & focus.

We hear of more and more companies emphasizing to their partners, suppliers & staff that they must choose partners that has a clear environmental & social profile & strategy, as well as a clear CSR profile, if their current partners don’t have these all cooperation must be terminated.

Another trend is that a lot of companies are moving their purchasing & sourcing closer to the homemarket or markets where the products are needed, not only to secure deliveries but also to minimize the impact on the CO2 footprint & take a stand socially by helping to create jobs locally.

The need for companies to be able to “think globally & act locally” will become instrumental for commercial growth in the future, the customers & end-users are already becoming more & more aware & focused on this so the demand for action is evident, here I believe that it’s far from necessary to open local “offices” around te world to be local, you can use your partners & distribution network to secure the needed local presence & support that through on-line activities.

Through the development & implementation of our own projects we have proven that it’s possible to switch you products, operation or services to a environmental & sustainable solution & still be profitable, this combined with a clear local & social profile will become a huge asset to most companies in the future

Basically meaning that a lot of companies in the future will focus on:

  • Local & social responsibility in purchasing & operation
  • Focus on the environment & their “own” impact on it
  • Responsibility towards the employees & local communities where they operate
  • Reduce travels where possible
  • Move meetings & training on-line as much as possible
  • Increase focus on on-line & platform sales & activities
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Or as I say!

  • Taking responsibility for your own actions!
  • Increasing the business through responsible actions & measures!
  • It’s possible to turn “green” & stay profitable
  • Thinking global by acting local!
  • Increase your presence online to promote the sales both on & offline!

If you want to know more about my view & how I can assist you & your company, in your efforts to be part of the “new tomorrow” feel free to contact me at info@jeffco.dk

To learn more about the way we see the world and how we can help you adjust your business to the changes around us.


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Originally a chef & F&B director with extensive experience from the global foodservice industry, I now run my own foodservice business consultancy & tableware design house, with the global foodservice industry as my business area.