Join us in our quest to bring back creativity, colors & profitability back in the table & kitchenware industry by becoming a partner or a customer.

We truly believe that in todays streamlined business world, personal service, commitment, honesty, product & industry knowledge sells. These are the key values that we run & operate our business by & are also the values that we are trying to teach our partners & customers!

Remember, you only got one life so live it well!

Entering the general business world from a foodservice background like our’s, we truly believe that operating a business are in many ways similar to operating a restaurant, bar, hotel or café. In these businesses they don’t have customers! – they all have guests or partners & since the main purpose of any successful business in the foodservice industry is basically to treat their guests, in a similar way as to how they would treat guests in their own home or in the same way as they would like to be treated when they visit a restaurant, bar, hotel or café! All key values that easily transfer into any type of business or operation.

We say that we treat our partners/customers the same way as we would like to be treated if the situation was reverse!

These are some of the key values that we implement to any commercial organization that we work with, together with the importance of having & giving respect to people both internally in the company & external towards partners & customers!

Very simple, but not always that easy!

Since we at Jeff&Co Group strive to evaluate ourselves and want to be evaluated by the added turnover or increased visibility that we can create and secure for our partners, we believe that our main goal as a global sales and marketing consultancy is to increase the sales, visibility and profitability of our partner’s brands and products around the world.

Since we believe we can make a difference in most aspects of our partners businesses, we also believe in long term relations. To sum it up: We see ourselves as partners and not ‘just’ as a service provider.

With our extended experience in sales and marketing, combined with management experience in supply chain and distribution, we are able to support our partners in most of the critical aspects of their business.

We also believe that we through our design department can help our partners design, develop and launch new and innovative products that not only increase your sales, but also helps the branding of your company.

Our partners around the globe

  • Pasabahce glass, Turkey
  • Nude glass, Turkey
  • Corelle Brands, USA
  • Spring Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Costa Nova ceramics, Portugal
  • Costa Verde porcelain, Portugal
  • Pillivuyt, France
  • Vitamix, USA
  • Scandic Hotels, Denmark
  • O.Brønnum & Co, Denmark
  • Spring Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Revol Porcelain, France
  • Ken Storkøkken, Denmark
  • Durobor glass, Belgium
  • Mealplak, France
  • Bonna porcelain, Turkey
  • Hospitality Brands, USA
  • Hilton Hotel Group
  • Arc/Cardinal, USA
  • Messe Frankfurt, Germany
  • Signature Glass, Israel
  • Cookplay, Spain
  • BIT, Italy
  • Responsible Solutions, Denmark
  • LAV Glass, Turkey
  • ArdaCam Glass, Turkey
  • Porser Ceramics, Turkey
  • Stölzle Glass Germany