Originating from my background & experiences as a head chef, bartender, waiter & F&B director from the international foodservice industry, the product designs & developments that I make are all products made especially for the international foodservice industry. In the process of designing or developing these product, my main focus is to create products that are practical, durable & through it's visual look, help to "lift" the presentation & through these features, also help to increase the general profitability of the operator.

Jeff&Co Design is an independent design company & part of Jeff&Co Group founded in late 2016 by Jesper Efferbach.Today we design & develop tableware products for mainly foodservice brands all over the world & by June 2022 the sales of the products that we have designed or developed exceed 55 million pieces globally.

Late 2015, Jesper Efferbach began to design and help develop glassware for Pasabahce in Turkey and Signature glass in Israel. Step by step, the product development & design parts of Jeff&Co have grown into a completely separate department, where we now have designed several lines in both glassware & porcelain for partners all over the world. The sales of our designs exceed 55 million pieces in total.

In general, Jeff&Co Design owns all legal rights for all designs made by Jesper Efferbach and other designers engaged by Jeff&Co Design on different design & product development projects.

Until now, Jeff&Co Design has designed & developed the following lines:

Tin Can

The designs are quite different and unique. I actually came up with this design while cooking. I had wet hands while holding a can of pineapple in my hands and the paper on the can pealed off. While looking at the can, I got the idea that this shape could be used for glassware.

The Tin-Can glasses are some of the first glasses on the market designed with inspiration coming for an ordinary Tin can (as the name states). This look gives the user a number of creative opportunities in order to create outstanding servings.


The Timeless line is a much more traditional design line, but with some quite unique details.

In general, the glasses are designed with inspiration from the very traditional cut design coming from the Crystal glasses produced mainly in Germany and the Czech Republic, but due to specific sizes and design features, the Timeless Line is still quite unique. There are several stemware glasses featured in the line, so the line gives the users a huge amount of creative freedom.

For some of the more unique designs & shapes in the Timeless line, the original inspirations come from a number of different sources like: old back & white movies, tales from royal families around Europe & not to forget my own grandmothers glass cabinet.

Beer & Cocktail tasters

A new and innovative way to serve and taste beer & cocktails! Just image, sharing 4 different drinks, all for the price of 2!

The taster sets consist of 4 glasses decorated with or whiteout blackboard paint, that make it possible to write the name of the beers being tasted on the glass. Both sets comes with a wooden board with built in slots for the 4 glasses, as well as 2 pieces of blackboard chalk in the one with blackboard paint.

Craft Beer

A line of five different designs, all designed together with craft brewers from all over the world.

The sole purpose of the designs is to help bring out as much flavor in the beer as possible, in order to enhance the overall experience of the consumer.