As a producer, supplier or operator in todays foodservice world, it's not enough "just" to have the best priced product or service! You need to add additional value for your customers or partners & their customers or partner, & we at Jeff&Co Consult take pride in doing just that. We believe that some of the best ways to do this is to help your clients, customers & their customers to:

Experience their purchase as "better than expected"

Save time & money

Feel appreciated

Taken serious in actions & communication

Experience social responsibility towards people & the environment



At Jeff&Co Consultancy, we want to help you secure the positioning of your brands & company in the "front row" of the global foodservice industry. We do that through the development & implementation of simple, creative & effective measures, that all make a difference & help you to stay profitable as well as how to create & implement both circular & environmental friendly concepts & strategies.

NEWS August 2021!:

Due to overwhelming interest from companies, organizations & public institutions all over the world, Jesper Efferbach can now be booked as "public speaker" where he speaks about both commercial & personal topics based on his own experiences from his background as a chef/headchef, bartender, kitchen manager & F&B director & marketing director from the international hospitality industry & his background in senior commercial management in international FMCG & tableware!

Jesper also do speaks where he talks about his personal experience from receiving & surviving a terminal diagnose from cancer & cardiovascular problems & how he has managed to turn that into something positive for himself, his family & his business.


  1. Creativity, knowledge & service that sells
  2. How circular economy & sustainability becomes a profitable business!
  3. Surviving a terminal diagnose can make you stronger!
  4. Jesper also do tailormade speaks according to your needs!
Prices are calculated from location, topic & size of event ! Contact for further information!

At Jeff&Co Consultancy we like to keep things as “simple” as possible. One of our company mantras are “treat other people like you would like to be treated by them”, with this we mean & believe that if we can help you & your staff treat your customers & partners the same way as you & your staff would like to treated by them, the service & commitment level of your company will increase very fast!

We also believe that if you & your staff manage to add value to not only your partners & customers but also to your suppliers, your company can & will build a very strong relation with all parties involved. By having this, the chance of another company replacing your company becomes a lot smaller.

We at Jeff&Co Consultancy strive to both evaluate ourselves as well as be evaluated by our partners by the added turnover, profitability or increased visibility that we can create and secure for our partners. We believe that our main goal as a global sales and marketing consultancy is to increase the sales, visibility and profitability of our partner’s brands and products around the world.

Since we believe we can make a difference in most aspects of our partners businesses, we also believe in long term relations. To sum it up: We see ourselves as partners and not ‘just’ as a service provider.

With our extended experience in sales and marketing, combined with management experience in supply chain and distribution, we are able to support our partners in most of the critical aspects of their business.

We also believe that we through our design department can help our partners design, develop and launch new and innovative products that not only increase your sales, but also help the branding of your company.

We use our own global network to help your company build the best possible relation to your customers & end-users. We also help you to secure contact to as many chains end-users, influencers & key accounts through local sponsorships, SoMe activities & brand Ambassadors.

The path!

Jeff&Co Consult was founded in 2015, in Copenhagen Denmark, by Jesper Efferbach. As a long time industry expert with a career in executive positions with some of the largest companies in the FMCG and tableware industry, Jesper wanted to try something new & different!

In June 2015, Jeff&Co Consultancy entered a consultancy contract with glass tableware industry leader Pasabache. For Pasabahce, Jeff&Co Consultancy has developed a new supply chain & production planning strategy (called NOS), where Pasabache has gone from a delivery rate of 65% to 93% in global foodservice industry, all in app. 12 months.

Jeff&Co Consultancy has also developed and implemented a new global Foodservice strategy, developed a new distribution strategy, development of new POS materials and fair stands. Jeff&Co Consultancy has also developed new promotional and marketing activities globally & in the summer of 2016, Jeff&Co Design helped Pasabahce launch several new & different trendy glassware ranges. The best known, and what today maybe has become the most popular barware glass range in the world, is the range named Timeless.

Timeless was created by Jesper Efferbach with inspiration from the “old” cut Czech Republic Crystal glassware, in some new & different shapes.

Last but not least Jeff&Co Consultancy initiated training & education of both the commercial and the management team at Pasabahce.


Since then Jeff& Co has expended our services & are today working on projects & assignments all over the world with companies such as:

Pillivuyt porcelain(globally), Signatureglass (Globally), O. Brønnum & Co (Denmark), Revol porcelain(Nordic) Corelle Brands (Nordic/globally), KitchenAid (Nordic), Messe Frankfurt (Germany/globally) Durobor glass (globally) Arc/Cardinal glass (US) Bonna porcelain (globally) Hilton Hotels (globally) Scandic Hotels (Nordics) & Costa Cruises (globally).

Facts about Jesper Efferbach

After finishing his apprenticeship as both Chef & Waiter from hotel Opera and Gentofte hotel in Copenhagen, where he also was a part of the Danish national team of young chefs, Jesper moved to Vancouver Canada where he stayed for almost 2 years, working as a sous-chef at high-end restaurants.

After returning to Copenhagen, Jesper worked in several of the best hotels, bars and Michelin star restaurants as kitchen, bar and restaurant manager until he in 1993 was hired by Carlsberg. During this period, he also finished a HD in business economics from CBS.

During his career, Jesper has lived and worked in countries like Sweden, Norway, England, Canada, Portugal and Sri Lanka.

In July of 2015 Jesper decided to open the consultancy Jeff & Co.

The original idea was to offer consolations in relation to international sales and marketing of SMCG but this was quite quickly expanded into areas of sales and marketing training, solving supply chain issues, product development and planning of mergers & acquisitions.

In most cases Jeff & Co. works as an integrated part of the client’s sales and marketing departments or senior management team in an agreed timeframe in order to get a better feel for the daily issues and make the implementation of new concept measures easier.