Innovating for the future!

At Jeff&Co Innovations we focus on creating ideas, measures & innovations for the future, this could be: The development & implementation of an effective & sales driven strategy for all your online activities, SoMe as well as e-commerce. The creation & implementation of environmental friendly & sustainable concepts, products, projects & CSR.The creation & implemnatation of new business strategies, introducing brands & products in new business & geographic areas.

At Jeff&Co Innovations we work on optimizing our customers and partners marketing activities both online & offline.

By creating promotions and sales/marketing activities that are implemented both on- and offline, we use both the social media and the more traditional platforms to establish a road of communication between our customers and their end-users/customer. This effort is then combined with a more tradition offline version directed through the customers sales network.

The reason for founding Jeff&Co Innovations is that already late 2015 Jesper Efferbach was requested to work out an online and social media strategy for a larger customer of Jeff&Co Group. 

Since Jesper Efferbach don’t have any technical background knowledge about the Internet & social media industry, the decision to take on a partner was made. The decision to choose Esben Trier was quite obvious and straight forward since there already was a contact between them due to their other joined project.  

Jeff&Co Innovations works both as a direct consultant for the customers but also as a facilitator where contact is made between two party suppliers where Jeff&Co Innovations takes on the role a ‘Project Managers’. This is mainly done due to local needs and wants around the world.